70 Voices: Call for Submissions

voys.us is soliciting 70 readings of Rachel Barenblat’s poems in her new book, 70 faces. We seek neither 70 readers nor readings of all of the book’s 67 poems, but we’d like 70 readings, which would include multiple readings of several favorite poems. Pick your favorite! At this point, please feel free to read up to three poems.

Start with the poem’s title. Ignore the slash mark, and read the part of the title in italics. For instance, “Integration / Noah” should be read, “Integration. Noah.”  Do your best with any Hebrew!  After you read the title, say, “Read by [your name].”  If you’d rather give only your first name instead of your full name, that’s fine.

For some good, quick advise on reading poetry as a performance, see Nick Sebastian’s article here. For more information on VoiceThread, the vehicle we’re using here to celebrate 70 faces, click here.

We’ll rearrange the recorded poems later to match the order in which the book presents them. Have fun, and thanks!

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