Say It To Get It

The poet Nic Sebastian said something that made me realize something.  I realized that, by saying something, I often realize something.  She put it simpler than that on her blog, Very Like a Whale, last November:

Voice is sense, an organ of investigation, just like fingers, ears, tongue, eyes, nose. Voice brings you information not otherwise available to you.

She later elaborated on voice as “an organ of investigation” on Dave’s Woodrat Podcast this past November:

The value of one’s own voice as an organ of investigation that brings you information, that helps you understand things you don’t understand until you read it out loud.  [Some of the more oblique poems] sound beautiful, but the sense doesn’t come to you the way the words are put together. . . . The poems attract you  but ask you to bring some of your own emotional narrative, ask you to bring some of you to the poem to make sense of it.  I’ve found that the voice is what builds for me  . . . that emotional narrative.

Perhaps the easiest way to make sense of our site’s name — — is to say it.   (Um, but leave out the “dot.”)  I like to think that most people would need to say it to get it.

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