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This was my first VoiceThread – something I put together with some video my son took inside his sister’s room several years ago.  Use it like those pads of paper next to the pens for sale at the stationery shop: try everything out just for the fun of it!  Try voice recording.  “Testing 1-2-3” works! Try video recording if your computer has a web cam.  You can also upload an audio recording or phone in a comment.  You can type a comment the old-fashioned way, too.

Just click “Comment” and mouse over your comment choices.  If this is your first VoiceThread comment, you’ll fill in a short, one-time sign-up form without ever leaving this site.  You’ll get a free account instantly with no pressure to buy anything. Have fun!

If you’d like to watch it full-screen on the VoiceThread site, click here.  Your comments will show up on every copy of this VoiceThread no matter where it’s embedded!

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